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If you would like to instruct us, obtain a fee quote or discuss the services we could offer you, please either:-

Send an email to

Telephone Christopher Watkin on 020 8300 6969 (+ 44 20 8300 6969 from abroad) or 07866 676893 676893 (+44 7866 676893 from abroad), or

Write to us at:
UK Tax Agency LLP,
17 Longlands Park Crescent,
Sidcup, Greater London,
DA15 7NG, UK

Mon to Fri 9.30 to 18.30
Sat 9.30 to 12.30

Sullivan Island Lighthouse, South Carolina


Agreement of fee basis in advance

Before starting work, we will always discuss and agree with you the timing and scope of our work.

Where possible we will provide a fee estimate based on the number of hours the work is likely to take and the hourly charge-out rates applying to that type of work.

If we can reasonably estimate the amount of time that the work is likely to take we will offer to do the work for a fixed fee. This will usually be the case for tax return preparation, company secretarial work or payroll matters.

Where it is impractical for us to do the work for a fixed fee, an agreed hourly rate will apply and we will advise you when unbilled fees reach pre-agreed levels.

Once we have agreed the scope of work and the basis of the fee, we will send you a concise record of what was agreed.

We will only start work after you have confirmed your agreement by email, fax or letter.

Depending on the client’s circumstances and the level of fee involved, we may on occasion request a payment on account of our fees before proceeding.

Billing frequency

It is our usual practice to bill clients monthly, quarterly or when the work is complete. The basis of invoicing will be agreed with you in advance.

Settlement terms

We normally expect payment 14 days from the date of presentation of our invoice, either by cheque or by electronic bank transfer. A later payment date may be agreed to in certain cases. Late payment may attract statutory interest.


Where expenses such as taxes, penalties, interest, filing fees and similar costs arise in the course of our work we will either ask for payment in advance or else request you to settle the cost directly.

If we are required to work on clients’ premises, or attend meetings out of London, we will normally expect reimbursement of reasonable travel costs (and overnight accommodation costs if appropriate).

Value added tax

Our invoices will be addressed to the individual, company or firm who instructed us and will be subject to the addition of UK VAT at the current rate unless the law provides otherwise.

We regret that we cannot address our invoices to parties other than the persons instructing us.

If you normally reside outside of the UK or your business is carried on outside the UK then our invoices for taxation advice may be free of UK VAT. However, VAT will be payable if you are an individual who resides elsewhere in the EC and our services relate to your private affairs and not a business which you are carrying on outside of the UK.

Our charges for UK company secretarial and payroll services will be subject to the addition of VAT.

Proof of identity

We have a legal obligation under the money laundering regulations to obtain proof of client identity and place of residence. New clients will therefore be asked to supply a copy of their current passport (photograph page) and a recent utilities bill or bank statement showing their current address. Companies will be asked for a copy of their certificate of incorporation and the names and addresses of shareholders owning more than 25% of the company. Proof of those shareholders’ identities may also be required.


Once we have ceased to act for a client, we will normally retain our correspondence files for that client (including accounting records), for 6 years, after which they will be destroyed. Records stored electronically may be retained longer, but this cannot be guaranteed.


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